Cameron Redpath Selected for England Tour of South Africa

Cameron Redpath, previously an M&J player has been selected to tour South Africa with England during this Summer
Cam joined our Lymm U14 in second half of that season. He came from Kings Mac school
He played for our U14/15/16 and then went to Sedbergh, so he hasn’t played for our colts.
Sedbergh & Sale have been v protective as they have with Rouban Birch and Teddy Leatherbarrow who all play Eng 18s
Rouban joined as u14 and Teddy joined in U12 season
All 3 and Joe Murphy were offered full time pro contract at Sale
Cameron was also our U15s player of the year
In the photograph Cam is 3rd from left, Teddy next then Rouban and Joe one from the right end. James Sherlock is inside Joe who played Eng U18 Counties. Christos Nikou who played North Counties U18 is on Cams right.

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