Disciplinary Process – Red Card Protocol – A Reminder

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Disciplinary Process – Red Card Protocol

  • It is the responsibility of all Age Group Coaches and Senior Team Captains to notify of any red cards immediately.
  • All red cards to be notified immediately to Neil Allen, Lymm RFC Secretary on mail@neilallenassociates.co.uk or 07917378083. By Sunday at the very latest.
  • Andy Leach and Will Hinds as mini and junior Chairs to be copied into any Age Group offence notification. Adam Fletcher and Stuart Wraith, Chairman of Rugby to be copied into any senior rugby notifications. These will then check with Neil that the message has been received and protocol is in process.
  • Neil Allen to notify John Downham at Cheshire RFU, supplying the players name, match details, offence and Referees name (if available).
  • Player concerned to make contact with Neil Allen (on the above) who will support the player through the process in the following week.
  • Player to be banned from playing any matches (including school games if appropriate) until a hearing (either internal or external) has been held and a sanction handed down.
  • On receipt of referees report the player will be forwarded the report to enter a plea. This will be informed to the Cheshire RFU.
  • Two options follow; an internal hearing with ‘papers’ forwarded to Cheshire or Cheshire may request a direct hearing with the player.
  • A direct hearing is typically held on the Thursday evening after the offence at which, we will be allowed to present evidence and Cheshire RFU will issue a sanction based on the hearing discussions and in line with the RFU disciplinary guidelines.
  • If an internal panel is held the disciplinary committee at the club is chaired by Phil Ratcliffe with members Andy Leach, Steve Rule and Neil Allen. This will be scheduled on the earliest date of the week following the sending off offence.
  • The disciplinary committee will hear any internal cases and make a ruling based on the evidence and RFU disciplinary guidelines. Neil Allen will forward a report with judgement to Cheshire RFU for comment / agreement. Cheshire will confirm any sanction.
  • The player will be banned from playing until the sanction has been served.
  • The sanction will appear on the players record and will be a factor in any future disciplinary matters.


Neil Allen

Secretary Lymm RFC


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