Details of Englands Autumn Internationals have been released, however tickets are not as yet on sale.

 In view of the exceptional demand for the Six Nations tickets we are inviting fully paid up club members to declare an interest in purchasing tickets as this will help us decide whether or not an allocation policy is necessary for specific games.
In practical terms it is unlikely that any club member will receive more than 4 tickets for any game, with the possible exception of England v Japan, but dependant upon demand it may be necessary to further restrict this suggested allocation.
England v South Africa.    3rd November 2018 –  £115, £105, £90, £72 & £50
England v New Zealand ,10th November 2018 – £160, £137, £115, £95 & £70
England v Japan,             17th November 2018 – £60, £48, £42, £32 & £25
England v Australia,         24th November 2018 – £115, £105, £90, £72 & £50
We understand kick of time for all games to be 2.30pm or 3pm, but this is subject to confirmation
We are entitled to apply for 2 junior (age 15 and under) tickets for the 3 lower price grade tickets for the games against South Africa, New Zealand and Australia at £20 each and an unlimited junior application, again for the 3 lower price grade tickets, for the game against Japan at £15 each. As these tickets will come from our overall allocation we will need to consider the level of demand and its impact on overall availability.
Please note that over-ordering tickets for the game against Japan is not advised as we may not be able to establish a refund of ticket price.
Please confirm you interest with preferred price category to Phil Ratcliffe by 24th May if possible at:

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