Jim Knowles is like Ken Dodd!

Jim Knowles is like Ken Dodd!

To be a successful perennial you need a level of determination, commitment and stubbornness that most of us will never get anywhere near.

Ken Dodd, that king of comedy for over 70 years, ruler of the Knotty Ash Buttie Mines and a personal hero of mine, is one such person….. and so is our Chairman of Grounds, Jim Knowles.

I had the pleasure of watching Doddy perform at the Parr Hall two years ago and, at the age of 87, he was incredible. Most comedians use up old material, bin it then write new stuff for the next tour. Doddy just adds new stuff onto the end of his act, retaining all the old stuff. The result is a never-ending stream of jokes that goes into the early hours, with the audience hilariously locked in, both literally as well as metaphorically.

My mate Jim Knowles is not as old, just in his early eighties, but as equally determined as Ken Dodd, to keep ‘buggering on’, as Winston Churchill famously put it. His work for Lymm Rugby Club has been the mainstay through good times and bad, for 50 odd years. His commitment to the cause is unwavering and his work today, with his fellow ‘old forkers’ in keeping our pitches in top class condition, is testimony to his determination, skill and longevity. He also shares, and has been at the centre of, the vision for the club’s future development.

But these are only two roles of many he has performed over the years. Like Doddy, he just keeps adding new stuff on to the end of a volunteering career that has lasted for over half a century!

In short, despite the fact that I have taken the mickey out of him, on a weekly basis, for over 45 years he is an inspiration, my good friend, and I think he is remarkable. Long may he continue contributing to our great rugby club, and long may all of us take a leaf out of his dusty, multi-leafed and knowledgeable tome.

Cheers, Plumby


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