Lymm Eagles 40 – 15 Old Bedians 2’s, Sat 6th Oct 2018 – click here for report

Saturday 6th October 2018

HALBRO North West Leagues


Lymm Eagles 40 – 15 Old Bedians 2nd XV

Report by Peter Cornelia

Lymm run four senior teams and offer rugby for all ages and abilities, so that players can extend their rugby playing careers until their wives or partners cut up their jock straps and burn their boots.

On Saturday, Lymm Eagles were a fine example of this, with ‘ancient’ skipper, Martin Henderson selecting a team with a blend of age, experience and youth. In fact ‘Hender’s ‘jock strap’ was older than most of the younger players. The five elderly players had all played continuous rugby at Lymm for 25 years or more, their collective ‘jock strap’ age being in excess of 125 years and it smelt like that. But the Lymm skipper has had these fossils on a strict diet of cabbage and Senna Pods since the start of the season. His reasoning being that ‘The Force will be with them’ over 5 yards and nobody could catch them (or want to, to be honest) and then they could off-load to the youngsters. A brilliant piece of dietary planning and game tactics for these former thoroughbreds, and it worked.

Keith “Tucker” Broadbent, Martin Henderson, Paul Maguire, Martin Bower, Peter Millachip

Another example of his dedication to his elderly players, is that somehow he has managed to put a bell inside the match ball, which has greatly improved the handling and positional play of his veterans.

As the writer approached Pitch 2, he admired the large crowd in attendance, whilst being careful not to trip over zimmers, guide dogs, wheel-chairs, stretchers and oxygen bottles, strategically placed around the pitch. We take care of our elderly at Lymm and this was evident, with care home staff and nurses in attendance but I think the appearance, in disguise, of a local undertaker was, I thought, a bit speculative. When recognised, he offered to sponsor the club, but we politely refused. We’ve already got a dentist pulling everybody’s teeth out but we refuse to get into body recycling.

As the Lymm ‘ancient ones’ went through their personal warm up routines, one couldn’t help but notice the amount of bandages and strapping on display. There was sufficient to wrap up the Invisible Man twice over. So, Steve, the ref (from Winnington Park), blew his whistle to start the game and immediately fainted due to the effort. A quick sniff of ‘Tuckers’ spare jock strap, (having a rest week in the dug-out), quickly revived him and the game commenced.

Old Bedians are not a bad side but the combination of Hender’s diet and the young blood in the side eventually took its toll and Lymm ran out comfortable winners with tries from; Andy Rowley 3, James Sherlock 2, Jack Harper. Andy Rowley kicked 5 conversions.

Lymm Eagles have now progressed to Round 3 when they will play Anselmians 2nd team at Lymm on Saturday February 2nd 2019.

Team: Keith “Tucker” Broadbent, Rob Makin, James Sherlock, Adam Halford, Aldin Zilic, Craig “Viking” Capewell, Paul Maguire, Jordan Widdrington, Martin Henderson (C), Jack Harper, Andy Rowley, Gav Woods, Kieran Williams, Jorge Reynolds, Martin Bower, Peter Millachip.


Robinsons Brewery Cup 1st Round – Lymm 2nd XV v Rochdale 2nd XV

HWO for Lymm as Rochdale conceded the match

Robinson Brewery Bowl 2nd Round

Leyland Warriors Men’s 1st XV 52 v 0 Lymm Kestrels

Unfortunately Lymm met a form team, which has been rising up through the Halbro leagues over the past few years.



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