Lymm Grass Roots 500 Club Draw

Lymm Grass Roots 500 Club Draw

You  are  invited  to  join  the  Lymm  Grass  Roots  500  Club  Draw  which  provides members  and  their  family  and  friends  with  a  low  cost  opportunity  to  win cash  prizes  every  quarter  as  well  as  contributing  to  the  achievement  of  the development plans for Lymm Rugby Football Club.

  • Membership costs only £5 per month
  • Quarterly draws will distribute 50% of the funds as prizemoney
  • There is no limit to the number of memberships that an individual can have.

To join

Simply complete the Standing Order Mandate form which can be printed off from the link on the right of this page.

Enter in Section 2 the amount you wish to contribute each quarter dependent on the number of memberships you would like:

  • 1 membership entry is £15
  • 2 is £30
  • 3 is £45
  • 4 is £60

Once completed, please either:

  • Leave the form with Rick Condo at Lymm Rugby Club
  • Or post to the club at: Lymm Rugby Football Club, Crouchley Lane, Lymm WA13 0AT
  • Alternatively hand to any member of the Club Executive Committee.
  • Do not send directly to your Bank.

Then  after  your  application  has  been  processed  by  the  500  Club  Draw Administrator, you will be advised of your lucky 500 Club numbers.

Many thanks for your support of this important funding initiative – your support will make a difference and allow us to develop enduring facilities which will be enjoyed by the future generations of Lymm and its wider community.