UPDATE re New machine for The Old Forkers – Your help is needed to pay for it. Click here for more details.


Whilst the Lmm RFC, Grass Roots Development Fund, is primarily focusing on raising funds for the proposed new clubhouse, we still have on going expenditure for the maintenance, management and up keep of our existing clubhouse and 15 acres of grounds and pitches. So as not to keep tapping into the Grass Roots Fund to purchase necessary equipment and materials for grounds maintenance and clubhouse running costs, we are appealing to all club members to show support to our volunteer grounds team ‘Old Forkers’ and YOUR club by –

a) Paying your club membership fees on time. b) Joining the Lymm Grass Roots 500 Club lottery draw with a chance to win cash prizes from £50 to £500 pounds every quarter, Info on the website home page headings. c) Consider sponsoring the cost of the new machine described below.

This machine cost the club around £5,000 via a special deal negotiated by Keith Kent (Head Groundsman at Twickenham).  

Our team of ‘Old Forkers’, managed by the ‘Ancient One’, Obe Knowley, Jim Knowles, have recently taken delivery of a new piece of equipment, which will save time in pitch care and maintenance. Manufactured in the UK by “SISIS”, a long established turf care machinery business, it attaches to our existing tractor. Does slitting, raking, brushing,rolling in one pass instead of four individual bits of kit used separately.

Jim commented, “First use, I did P2 in 45 minutes. It will enable us do these processes more frequently. Previously we had to attach separate bits of kit.

The aim is better weather proofed turf pitches. If/ when we get AGP we still be using turf pitches to help accommodate 400 plus M&J 4 Senior Teams and soon girls and ladies. Lymm Grounds Team will still be doing same number of man hours per week, rarely but never less than 10 but often up to more than 30. This kit means more effective work in the time volunteers give to the club.”

Remember, our depleting team of ‘Old Forkers’ give their time for free to maintain the pitches, car parks and surrounds of our playing areas. If we didn’t have this valuable contribution of members time, we would have to employ outside contractors, which would cost in excess of £30k per annum. That would wipe out the money raised from our Christmas Panto.

Keith Kent’s RFU Club Pitch Maintenance Equipment Package
Working with trusted industry partners, Keith Kent has devised a rugby club equipment package, exclusively discounted to RFU clubs and designed to meet the needs of rugby clubs that aim to deliver a high quality pitch maintenance programme.

Sisis Quadraplay

Jim and Chris Askew preparing the Quadraplay for its first run on Pitch 2 

This versatile rugby pitch maintenance system includes a mounting frame, with four implements and connects to any tractor with a 3 point linkage. Implements can be arranged in any order and can be lifted out of use when not required. A single pass allows up to four operations to be carried out simultaneously, including surface aeration, sward cleansing, rolling and brushing, which when combined together, enables your club ground team to prepare and maintain a pitch to the desired standard, as well as looking aesthetically pleasing. The system is robustly constructed and requires very low maintenance.


An example today, Thursday June 21st, of how useful this equipment can be. It was used to assist litter picking on Pitch One in the marquee area. Used for raking by Chris Askew, Rob Sparkes, Andy Jackson and Jim to expose any sharp, discarded objects, we cannot give absolute assurance that every bit of  potentially dangerous material has been removed. Hence a warning, to be aware for a few weeks.


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