Newsletter 4th October 2017

4th October 2017

Dear Friends,

A further reminder that The Lymm RFC 500 Club Draw is now truly underway but we need more entries to get us over the 500 mark before the first draw in mid-November. It is very easy to enter, you can do this on line via our web site, you will see the tab on the right hand side of the first line on the home page. This will give you the details and downloadable bank mandate which can be handed to Rick when completed. Forms are also available in the club. Potentially this could be a very useful and equal third leg to our stool along with the panto and the summer events. Once you have entered you don’t do anything but sit back and wait to win. Don’t forget half of all the revenue is handed out in prize money. We need the help of everyone – please.

We have also introduced a new comments and features column on the web site with articles written by Dave Williamson which will appear prior to each home game. Classified as UnLYMMited Access the articles will feature points of interest regarding the club with interviews with our various protagonists and will also include video clips, tweets etc, with the lighter touch in the Soccer AM mode. Issue one is on the web site now.

Our senior teams continue with their winning ways with successes for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd XV and Men’s Hockey firsts team putting a stonking 12 past Manchester and they have also won all their games this season. Our Junior Colts had a little run out on Sunday against AK beating them 69:0, not to be out done the 2’s put 71 on Preston GH without reply. All scores below.

Please note that Panto tickets go on sale on Saturday – details are on the web site and have been communicated via the weekly newsletter. VP’s have the opportunity to pre-order your tickets and pay for/collect on Saturday.

Please email Colette ( with your order and they will be ready for collection and payment at the club on Saturday.

Tickets go on sale to all members on Saturday and then on open sale to non-members on 28th October – please do not miss the opportunity to get your tickets and watch “Beauty and her wee Beasty”!

More of the Global Rugby Law Trials.

Law 20.5 Throwing the ball into the scrum

No signal from referee. The scrum must be stable and there must be no delay once the ball has been presented to the scrum.
Guidance note. The scrum half must ensure that the scrum is stable before throwing in the ball.

Law 20.6 How the scrum half throws in the ball

The scrum half must throw the ball in straight, but is allowed to align their shoulder on the middle line of the scrum, therefore allowing them to stand a shoulder width towards their side of the middle line.
Guidance note. Referees to ensure the scrum half is standing square to the scrum.

Law 20. Striking after the throw in.

Once the ball touches the ground in the tunnel, any front row player may use either foot to try to win possession the ball. One player from the team who put in must strike for the ball.
Sanction. Free Kick.
Guidance note. A strike must happen immediately. Any part of the lower leg from the knee to the foot, including the knee and heel may be used.

Law 20.9 Handling in the scrum – Exception

Allow the number 8 to pick up the ball at the feet of the second row.
Guidance note. The number 8 can only pick the ball from the second row and this has to be done from where they are positioned before the scrum feed.

Law 22.9 Defending player in in-goal.

If a layer with one or both feet behind the goal line picks up the ball from within the field of play, or catches the ball in front of the goal line, that player has taken possession of the ball in the field of play.

Law 22.9 (d) Defending player in in-goal

If a player with one or both feet on or behind the dead ball line picks up or catches a ball that has not reached the dead ball line, or touch in-goal line, that player is deemed to have made the ball dead.

That’s it for this season. One thing to be certain of – there will be more changes next season.

We wish Flavours, Statham Lodge and Stockton Heath Travel (Hays) many thanks for their past support for the club as they will not be continuing as a community partner with us this season.

Full club information on our web site ,,

‘Till Next Week

Anything for inclusion ping it over

Best Regards

Remember – We are having Fun


Thursday 28th September 2017


Lymm 1 3 v 2 Wolston 2
Individual scores; Peter Assad 2-3, Richard Schofield 3-1, Darren McCann 3-2, Chris Drath 3-1, Matt Gower 1-3

Lymm 2 0 v 5 Brooklands 5
Individual scores; Roger Longman 0-3, Keith spence 1-3, Carl mason 2-3, Oliva Wood 0-3, Graham Draper 0-3

Saturday 30th September 2017


Hull 1 19 v 28 Lymm 1
Lymm 2 71 v 0 Preston Grasshoppers 3
Lymm 3 36 v 12 Broughton Park 3


Manchester Men’s 1 3 v 12 Lymm Men’s 1
Lymm Men’s 2 0 v 1 Brooklands MU Men’s 6
Lymm Men’s 3 0 v 0 Goldborne Men’s 6

Brooklands Poynton Ladies 2 3 v 0 Lymm Ladies 1
Lymm Ladies 2 1 v 1 Deeside Ramblers Ladies 2
Brooklands Poynton Ladies 3 4 v 0 Lymm Ladies 3
Lymm Ladies 4 3 v 2 Northop Hall Ladies 2
Sale Ladies 3 0 v 0 Lymm Ladies 5

Sunday 1st October 2017

Junior Rugby

Junior Colts 69 v 0 Altrincham Kersal


Thursday 5th October 2017


Lymm 1 v Brooklands 4 – Home
Lymm 2 v Moss side 3 – Away

Saturday 7th October 2017

Rugby – KO 3pm

Lymm 1 v Birkenhead Park 1
Rossendale 2 v Lymm 2
Warrington 3 v Lymm 3
Lymm 4 v Marple 2


Lymm Men’s 1 v Bangor University Men’s 1 – 12.15 LHS
Whitchurch Men’s 1 v Lymm Men’s 2 – 14.00
Wrexham Glyndwr Men’s 2 v Lymm Men’s 3 – 14.00

Lymm Ladies 1 v Didsbury Greys Ladies 1 – 14.00 LHS
Rhyl & District Ladies 1 v Lymm Ladies 2
Lymm Ladies 3 v Triton Ladies 2 – 15.30 LHS
Macclesfield Ladies 3 v Lymm Ladies 4 -12.00
Lymm Ladies 5 v Macclesfield Ladies 4 – 14.00 WC

Sunday 8th October 2017

Junior Rugby

U7, U9, U11, U13, U15 v Sandbach Away
U8, U14, U16 v Sandbach Home
U12’s Manchester Festival
U10, v Sandbach/Sedbergh Home

Junior Colts v Birkenhead Park Away
Senior Colts v Bowdon Home

Always check with age group coaches for possible changes to the fixture list.


Rory Foster
Harry Pike
Max McKevitt
Aidan McIlroy

Happy Birthday one and all.


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