Weez of the Week – Rugby Heaven 4

Dai, a fervent rugby supporter, is on his way home from the local pub after the Grand Slam win, when unfortunately, he is killed in a road traffic accident.

He gets up to the pearly gates where St Peter looks him over and enquires after his name – ‘Dai Jones’ is the response. St Peter gets his book out and looks under J for Jones. “Dear me Dai,” he says, “it would seem you spent most of your money on beer and what was left of it on loose women, and to make matters worse, when your mam advised you to get on the straight and narrow, you turned that advice down. I’m afraid there’s only one place you are going,” he pointed to the down escalator.

So Dai goes down with a heavy heart looking at the flames of purgatory and listening to the cries of the damned. At the bottom there’s a set of double doors which he pushes open and steps into the blinding light. When he gets his bearings he is overcome by disbelief and joy when he realises he is in the Millennium Stadium surrounded by tens of thousands of Welsh rugby fans. At the other end of the stadium is a huge TV screen with the words “Next repeat performance starts in four minutes.”

He staggers to the nearest seat with tears on his cheek saying “Joy, joy, joy.”

Whereupon the chap next to him leans over and said “Don’t get carried away Dai, we are in Hell, it’s for all eternity, but the real bad news is they’ve only got one DVD and it’s England winning the World Cup in 2003.”


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